About Me

Hello, my name is Paul Simmons, I am 28 years old, living in Utah, United States. I am married and have two kids whom are both boys. My hobbies include playing soccer, woodworking and playing my guitar. I currently work at a construction company as a site supervisor, I make good money but I know I can make much more investing in high-end real estate and/or becoming a real estate agent.
Me and my wife (who is a registered nurse at the local hospital) have already purchased several rental properties in our area for us to make a little bit of extra money every year (given that we continue to keep the places in good shape) and have bought and flipped a few houses for a profit in the past year and a half. I hope to invest into more and more properties, however, my job demands long hours as does my wife's and we do not have time at the moment.
I do have an educational background in business management from the University of Utah and hope to use the knowledge that I learned through my studies there one day to open my own real estate firm. However, I know that I first must do all the preliminary steps for that idea to even begin to materialize such as taking courses at my local college for real estate and passing the real estate license exam and so on and so forth.
Furthermore, I have a few friends in the real estate industry, all of whom are doing exceptionally well and all own their own individual real estate firms so luckily, if and when I do acquire my real estate license I will have almost no problem in finding work.
Wish me luck and thanks for reading this little snippet about my personal life.